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How does EE keep my data secure and how can I stay secure online?

Data security is extremely important. Find out how EE works to keep your data safe and learn how you can keep your information secure online.



What does EE to do protect my data?


With more and more online fraud happening these days, we do a lot of work in the background to make sure that your data is kept safe. We even keep an eye on places where fraudsters do their work, like the dark web. This is a free service we provide so that we can help you to keep your information secure.


We cross check data from security breaches or hacked data from other companies for matches with our customers' login information and actively contact anyone who may be affected. In these situations we often temporarily lock the account and prompt them to change their passwords to keep their information safe.



How could my details be used against me?


Fraudsters collect usernames and passwords that have been leaked from other websites or databases, hoping that the same username and password will be used across a person's other online accounts and apps. If they can get into one, they may be able to get into others.


It's important to use different passwords for each website and app that you access. This will help reduce your risk of being targeted. 



I have been contacted by EE to alert me of a possible issue, do I need to worry?


Don't worry, this doesn't mean that our systems have been compromised but it is a preventative step we occasionally take to help to protect you. If that happens we will prompt you to change passwords just in case you have used the same details on the unsafe sites and our own.



How do I keep my online data and logins safe?


  • Make sure you use unique login details for every site that you access. If you use My EE, make sure that you don't use the same username and password for any other online accounts that you have.


  • We know passwords like your date of birth are easy to remember but they are also very easy to guess, so make sure your passwords are a mixture of numbers, letters and special characters. This makes it much harder for fraudsters to guess. The harder it is, the less likely they are to keep trying. When you change the password, make sure it's changed completely rather than changing one number or character.



What is phishing and how do I avoid it?


Phishing is when fraudsters try to contact you directly to persuade you to give them your details. It could be in the form of texts, emails, or even calls that look like they're from a company that you recognise.


If you aren't 100% sure that something is genuine the best thing that you can do is to not share anything.


If you think that you may have shared your information then it's important to change your passwords to any accounts that may have been compromised as fast as possible, especially those which may contain any bank or payment details. We also recommend that you contact your bank or credit card provider if you have even the slightest doubt that you may have inadvertently given information to a scammer.



Find more information and advice on what to do have a look at our security hints and tips article.




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Re: How does EE keep my data secure and how can I stay secure online?

You can check to see if you email address or user name has been pwned i.e. hacked and then leaked online at

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Re: How does EE keep my data secure and how can I stay secure online?

Passwords are best created when you create a random password THIS WEBPAGE does exactly that. Then all you need is an app like 1Password ( there are others ) that can store these random passwords for all your apps/online banking infact anything that needs a password then you only need to remember the one password to open the application to get access to all your passwords.   The password you create for applications like 1Password also need to be passwords that are not easily broken.  


1PASSWORD is an iOS, Mac ,Windows and Android application but there are others.  


Passwords are better and stronger when they are longer and use random letters, including upper and lower case, numbers and symbols.  




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