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How do I shut down my EE Community account?

I've been a member of this forum for almost 2 years now.


Everything has been OK until I discovered I had been fed incorrect information regarding my handsets and the 4G+ status .


I've been given incorrect information, been given evasive inforation and then 'flamed' without any provocation. 


i am now getting Moderators deleting my posts. What for? Threats? Anything illegal? No...just replying to the culprits in kind and also expressing my annoyance at EE for causing the problems in the first place.


I have no intention of being bullied by SC's like you know who think they own this forum nor moderators who take their side.


This forum has lost its credibility completly and I have nothing more either to learn or contribute.

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Re: How do I shut down my EE Community account?

Hello @Profile closed


Sorry that you feel you was bullied while being apart of the Community, I'm sure that was no ones intentions.


You can close your EE Community Account hereSmiley Happy

EE Community Support Team

Re: How do I shut down my EE Community account?

Good afternoon @Profile closed


Sorry to hear that you are leaving community and I can confirm the information @Inyourbox has given to close your account is correct.


If the area at @Inyourbox has linked you to does not work, then you can find it manually by doing the following.


EE Community >>> My settings >>> Personal >>> Drop down box >>> Close account


If you do ever want to come back, then please follow the registration process for community. 


You will always be welcome.








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Re: How do I shut down my EE Community account?

@Richard_C did you not want to address why this user feels this way instead of simply saying ok bye..

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Re: How do I shut down my EE Community account?

@Bellyman but OF COURSE they don't...!


I was doing great on here until last Saturday when I found out about the 4G+ icon being removed from all EE branded Android handsets.


Then one of the established posters turned on me and the Moderators agreed with him.




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Re: How do I shut down my EE Community account?

@Bellyman  If you care to read the post he was on about click HERE.  No one turned on anyone as you can see and nothing was said towards the poster that was not breaching the rules of the forum.  Alas we can not read the full reply he gave northerner as it was moderated as it was in breach of the forum rules.   


Just to add the moderators don't take sides they only over see the forum to make sure the rules of the forum are  followed.  I myself have been ticked off once or twice but I accepted that and moved on.    Shame they couldn't. 



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