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How can I tell if my iPhone is under contract to EE?



My mother in law upgraded her iPhone and gave me her old iPhone 5c.  She is under a monthly contract with EE so I presumed that the phone she gave me was locked to EE.

My old phone is a Samsung S4 which has a Micro SIM. My wife has an iPhone 6, unlocked, using a BT Nano SIM only contract with BT.  My (unlocked) Samsung contract is also with BT. I tried my wife's Nano SIM in the iPhone 5c and it worked okay.  This led me to believe that the iPhone 5c was also unlocked and so I obtained a new BT SIM and tried to activate it on the iPhone. The activation supposedly succeeded( assured of this by someone in a call centre) but the iPhone remained dead and I was left with no usable mob phone.

I sent off for another SIM and successfully activated it using my Samsung. I then prised the Nano SIM out and installed it into the iPhone 5c... and it worked!

So here's the question:  How do I know if this iPhone is still locked to EE?






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Re: How can I tell if my iPhone is under contract to EE?

The reason why you are able to use a BT SIM in a EE handset is because BT use EE as the network.


The same can be said for other network SIM cards that use the EE network (Virgin Mobile or ASDA for example).


The sure way to check if an iPhone is locked (if purchased from EE it should be) is by inserted either a O2, Vodafone or Three SIM card.


You can grab a free PAYG SIM card from their websites to test this.

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Re: How can I tell if my iPhone is under contract to EE?

Hi @ejohnh,


Welcome to the EE Community.


In addition to the information @Profile closed has kindly provided, the phone will be locked to EE if your Mother in law hasn't requested to unlock it via customer services.





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