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Help needed for customer on PUK code

Hey @James_B @Karen_C @Leanne_T @Heidi_B I need some support for customer i have received this message from her today.. Would you be able to advice her on what to do?


I really hope you can get us some real help.

Although I managed to get a PUK number, which I put into the phone, was then asked for a pin number. She has never had a pin code for the phone so now it's completely locked.


For several years she was pay as you go with Orange then 3 months ago she was called by someone who said because Orange was not longer she should change and she now pays monthly ( 21.95) Didn't get a new phone or anything just a sim card in the post.


The really worrying aspect to all this is that we have been into 2 EE shops who tell us her number 07896826902 ( which she is adament she was told she would keep )

is NOT on contract and has had no usage in 90 days. I can only surmise that the sim she rec'd is another number ???


I have tried calling 0795366250 and 07973100150  and 0800 0794567 but can never get through


My sister is 65, lives alone and is disabled. She only needs a mobile phone for emergencies and should never have been on this type of contract in the first place and now she is worried sick because they call her - on the mobile (which is now useless)  - when she has to pay

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Re: Help needed for customer on PUK code

Hi @Nina_d,


No bother I'll drop her a PM, sounds like outbound have called her and she has accepted an upgrade to sim only. We will be able to get her number transferred for her.



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Re: Help needed for customer on PUK code

thanks so much @James_B! 🙂

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