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by helenhighwater Investigator

Has my new phone stopped my broadband from working? Or does the universe just hate me?

Recently, I got a new phone to use with my landline. It's the BT Concero. I'm assuming the fact it's made by BT won't stop it working with EE/Orange landline.


Now, on Thursday 12th December from about 6 to 7pm, then Sunday15th December in the morning, and last night, the broadband light refused to light up, as per the issue here (where it says "light is off"). On Thursday 12th, it lit up on its own. But then on Sunday 15th, it didn't light up until I went onto my phone to get the EE Broadband help phone number - as soon as I got through to someone, the wretched light came on again!


By then, the broadband was working, so they remoted onto my laptop (stupid system, by the way, EE - the bloke couldn't send me an email, he had to remote onto my laptop to write the instructions in Notepad!). He looked at the settings, and showed me what to do in future when it stopped working, and left the instructions for me.


So last night, it didn't work *at all*. That pesky broadband light didn't come on once. I read through the instructions I had been given, which involved typing my IP address into a browser. And... nothing happened. I tried Firefox and Chrome and both just said "can't connect to the internet". What the heck? Bear in mind, the instructions I was given (typed onto my very laptop by someone from EE tech help) says "what to do when you have no internet". But for some reason, this wouldn't work *because there was no internet*.


What am I supposed to do? I'm annoyed that I spent half an hour on the phone with someone and the issue hasn't been properly resolved. The line wasn't very clear and his speech wasn't clear either, which just added extra frustration.


Is it a problem with my Brightbox? Is it a problem with my phone line? The tech guy said he tested the line and couldn't find a fault, but why is this happening again? Why won't the instructions work? Am I really going to have to spend another half an hour on the blasted phone just for it to stop working *again*?????


Is it interruption from my phone? I ask this because on Sunday, once I'd lifted the handset and was making the call to tech help, the broadband light came on. This morning, I tested it by turning the handset off at the wall (it's the kind of phone that you plug into the electrics) and when I did that, the broadband light started to flash. It doesn't take Sherlockian powers of deduction to suppose that this is some way related. But if so, why on Earth does this problem come and go? If it's my new phone, then why doesn't it stop broadband from coming on *all the time*? and how on Earth can the phone do this? (the sarcastic response would be "because BT want you to use their phone and internet service", of course).


I know I should ring again, but like I said, I've already spent half an hour on the phone and would rather put forward the issue in writing, because I don't find it easy to speak to the EE technicians. There's no email address, though.


(and while I'm at it - internet on Sunday mornings is next to useless. I have to keep skipping channels using the button on the back and it's really blasted annoying when my desk is upstairs and the Brightbox is downstairs).



by helenhighwater Investigator

Re: Has my new phone stopped my broadband from working? Or does the universe just hate me?

So I ask on Facebook and one of my friends suggests that cordless phones *can* interfere with ADSL. Or something. I Google and this comes up:


One of the suggestions is to use a DSL filter on each thing. I'm going to try this. What a flippin' joke that a half hour call to technical help (god knows how much that cost) couldn't even suggest this.


I'm posting this here because doubtless other people will have this problem themselves from time to time.


What a joke - surely most people have cordless phones these days, and surely most people's phones and routers sit quite near each other!

by helenhighwater Investigator

Re: Has my new phone stopped my broadband from working? Or does the universe just hate me?

I rang the tech people again. It turns out that there's been a software glitch and lots of people have had this issue.


Factory default reset got it working again. Still... annoying....

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