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Has Wifi Calling been de-prioritised in iOS 11.3?

Ever since iOS 11.3 landed last week, I have been seeing strange activity with Wifi Calling. In one part of my house, I now cant get Wifi calling (as I have a perfect 4G signal), yet as soon as I go to another part of my house, Wifi calling kicks back in. 


A quick Google search has indicated that this seems to be a very little known about new feature of iOS 11.3:



Granted this is an American page, but it matches my symptoms exactly. 


I did some testing here, and my findings matched the article:


1) In a perfect Signal area (and whilst connected to Wifi), turn on AirPlane mode

2) Wifi calling will now activate

3) Turn off AirPlane mode and Wifi calling will de-activate when you reconnect to 4G. 


If this is the case, then its not a problem but it would have been nice to have been told!

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Grand Master

Re: Has Wifi Calling been de-prioritised in iOS 11.3?

Hi @lightingman2003


It seems so, see @Chris_B post here.


It only activates in poor signal areas. This should save battery power in the iPhone. 





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