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I have a printer setup on my desktop PC. I have added this to my google chrome account so I can use google cloud print. When my desktop is connected to the internet using my home broadband, the printer is shown on google cloud as being online. It is therefore able to receive documents to print. 


As as soon as I change my desktop connection from my home broadband to my EE connection (via tethering on my iPhone), the printer no longer shows as being online. The desktop itself is definitely connected to EE network as I am able to browse the web using chrome. But the printer status doesn't seem to be be picked up. 


When i I change my desktop connection to my wife's Three network (again via tethered iPhone connection), my printer shows as being online. 


Therefore I have concluded that EE seems to block the printer from being connected to google cloud. 


I have read on google support pages that port 5222 is required (as well as port 80). Is it possible that this port is being blocked?


also is the EE mifi devices likely to have the same problem? 



EE Community Support Team

Re: Google Cloud Print

Hi @Trademark2k6,


Welcome to the EE Community.


Please get in touch with customer services so our technical team can look into this for you.





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