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Galaxy note 3 kit kat........

Does anyone know when the note 3 is getting updated I worked for EE and it was an awful place to work,I'm guessing it won't be released till well after the s5 as it's a greedy company and they wouldn't want an older phone updated before a new release!!!!!
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Re: Galaxy note 3 kit kat........

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The Note 3 is in process of being updated. It will be released by end of the month. The BTU is always first out whilst EE is almost 2 weeks behind this normally after testing. The BTU version came out earlier this week so expect it by end of March before the S5.

If they were to do what you say and not update a device to try get people to move to new one it would be the S4 or actually due to the nature of contract lengths the S3 but then the S3 kit kat won't be out til afterwards anyway. So your theory is invalid.

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Re: Galaxy note 3 kit kat........

Cheers i hope your right .
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