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Facetime activation number?

I've just started using an iPhone on EE/T-Mobile, and see that I am being charged for 'ghost' texts to 07786205094  every time I boot. 


Because I’m presently outside the UK, these are all chargeable texts


A search reveals that the number is related to Facetime actvation, and appears to have been a problem for iPhone users on other networks too, for a few years.  


Turning Facetime off doesn't seem to stop the texts/charges.


I saw a thread on an older 02 support forum, where the company promised to refund these charges, but haven't found anything like that here.


Any tips on how to prevent these charges - and any idea if EE/T-Mobile will refund them?






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Re: Facetime activation number?

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It will be iMessage causing this as well as that also requires activation.

This must be a new thing as I was never charged for any FaceTime/iMessage set-up charges when I was on T-Mobile or since I switched to 4GEE. I know Vodafone do (or at least did) charge for these ghost set-up texts but as far as I'm aware EE don't, so it sounds like an error to me.

Do you get a message along the lines of 'please note your carrier may charge for this...' when you turn on either FaceTime or iMessage? If not then something is clearly wrong as you always get a warning message if the carrier charges you for the activation texts.

What iOS version are you using and what EE carrier file version are you using?
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Re: Facetime activation number?

Thanks for the reply and info.   I'm on iOS 6 (iPhone 5).


No, I didn't get any warning about it  - I only happened to notice because I was logged into my T-Mobile account while making some account changes for a new SIM, and saw the charges appear.


It's too difficult to contact T-Mobile from abroad, but I'll call them when I get to the UK in a couple of days and see what they'll do!

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