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Everyday PAYG

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I am currently using a Tmobile sim and a proper old fashioned PAYG payment scheme.  I top up when I get low and use it like that.  I cant find the charges for an old simple system like that only for monthly paid plans which dont sound like PAYG at all.


Can anyone link me to a list of charges.


I want to start using the internet on a  new phone with this sim.  What would be the cost of using the internet both at home and in Europe.


Thanks for any help



Re: Everyday PAYG

International roaming rates will be different depending on where you are traveling to.  Outside the EU will cost you a lot more then if you are going somewhere within the EU.


If you want to use the internet on your handset, you will need to switch to the newest PAYG tariff which is called Everyday.  To switch to this plan send a text to 146 with the word EVERYDAY.


Once you have done this, you can use purchase Smart packs.  These start from £10 and last for 30 days.   They give you a monthly allowance of calls/texts and data (pretty much like Pay Monthly).


The only issue with these Smart packs is that you are going to have to spend at least £10 a month every month to keep your allowances every month.  T- Mobile Pay monthly plans start from only £7 a month.  You can, however, stop using these smart packs and revert back to standard PAYG where the internet will cost you £1 a day.


All the details are here


Re: Everyday PAYG

Great answer thanks -I can't see why they call monthly pay plans payg
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