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Email Closure: Are You Using Orange's SMTP to Send From Your Own Domain?

Now that Orange email closed on 31 May, you will no longer be able to use its SMTP server for sending emails from your own domain.


For now on, you will need to ask, or look online, whether your domain host provides their own SMTP server as well POP3 and/or IMAP servers. You may have to also take their email package or at least pay extra for their SMTP facility because some suggest, & others insist, that you use your ISP's SMTP server, which you can no longer do here.


In most cases email providers will provide an SMTP server on at least one of the following ports:


  • Port 25: Usually with neither SSL nor TLS & therefore insecure.
  • Port 465: Often with SSL but could be TLS.
  • Port 587: Often with TLS but could be SSL.

In all cases they will usually require authentication to be the same as for the Incoming Server, i.e. your normal own domain email username & password.


In the extreme, you could experiment with the above combinations until you find one that works.

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Re: Email Closure: You Been Using Orange's SMTP to Send From Your Own Domain?

Brilliant advice @XRaySpeX


Many thanks,



by So-disappointed
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No longer able to send e-mail via your EE/Orangehome Account?

I don't understand why we are so happily accepting this HUGE problem which EE have created for us - its paying customers - by no longer providing us with smtp settings through which to send our e-mails.

They do understand, surely, that they are our Internet SERVICE Provider, so how come they are reducing the Service they provide without a matching reduction in the monthly price we are being charged?

It is bad enough to watch the TV adverts about how speedy EE is (not), but to additionally find that we can still receive e-mails, but can no longer send, is outrageous. Many of us have email addresses which we do not wish to change, and/or which, even more importantly are business addresses which are printed on our stationery and/or are advertised on our websites, so isn't about time that EE had a rethink about this?

Frankly, if I have to pay elsewhere to be able to keep my e-mail address I will be taking my entire business with me!

Why don't we all do the same -  especially if your contract terms are up and you are now on a 'rolling programme.' 

(That said, it is EE who have breached their contract terms by changing, indeed reducing, what is available to its customers, so I would have thought that we could all leave without penalty under the circumstances?)

Does anyone else feel like this? I can't be the only one!

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