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by madwalker Established Contributor
Established Contributor

Early Buy Out Contract

I was having trouble with my iPhone 5 (no signal) and on my way to EE store someone bumped into me and my phone fell out of hand and cracked screen. Unfortunately after trying to get fixed, screen was removed but couldn't get fixed.

It's been. Month and half and am now wondering if can buy out contact (ends 14 Apr) and then upgrade to new iPhone in few weeks? Do EE offer a reduction like O2 have done if get new contract? I am still paying bill obviously but am phoneless. Was going to wait until next summer but need a phone. Appreciate instead use. Isn't insured btw!

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Early Buy Out Contract

Personally I would have made that person who bumped into you pay for it. If they bumped into you and broke your phone they were liable.


Yes they do let you buy you out but it will be Monthly charge x months remaining.


They do not reduce the bill for you and I don't think O2 did either. You must of went to Phones 4U for that. They still do it there but your unable to downgrade a tariff anymore on any network. Once you buyout a contract it ends so upgrading is not an option afterwards. You'll have to sign up as a new customer. But if you had signal problems a new phone on the same network won't help.


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by madwalker Established Contributor
Established Contributor

Re: Early Buy Out Contract

I have bought out a contract before with o2, usually around a new phone luanch or something.


never used P4U always gone direct with o2 and then EE when i joined a while back. Just looking at options really.

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