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by lloydsargeant


Hello my names lloyd and I've recently signed up for fibre optic with EE. I was given an installation date for a technition to come out on Friday 27th September. I took the day off work and waited indoors all day waiting for someone to come out. Eventually I phoned EE  and asked about what was happening. I was then told on the phone that the date had changed to Monday 30th september (today) between 8am-1pm without any notice of this changing. EE has all my contact details such as mobile number/address/email etc. Once again today I took the day off work and no one has showed up so it resulted in me phoning up AGAIN and now someone has said that 'a technition' was there at 8:46 am and also at 12:15. Now the problem I have is that no one knocked, no one phoned and no one emailed me to say that they were here today. I'm getting stressed out with people messing me around as im a loyal customer who has a phone contract with EE as well as internet now. The problem i have is BT have a landline number for me which is probably the way they have been trying to contact me although I don't have a house phone yet due to EE putting one in when I get my fibre optic. How many times am I going to have to take a day off work and take someones word about someone turning up? Its totally unacceptable that someone can't contact me via mobile rather than call a landline which isn't going to ring because EE havent gave me a home phone.....I cant get in touch with BT because its going through EE..AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF I'm not allowed to have a letter/txt/phone call/email to confirm that someones going to get in touch with me on the 14th october (my new installation date). PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP ME OTHERWISE I MAY HAVE TO CANCEL BOTH MY PHONE CONTRACT AND INTERNET WITH THE COMPANY. THANKS AND SORRY FOR THE MOAN 

by Grand Master
Grand Master


This is down to BT letting you down as they are the ones that install everything. It is out of EEs control.

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by tbird
New Member


I totally know what you mean. Got a call yesterday from an openreach engineer apparently trying to get into my house because although my broadband was activated in AUGUST we still have had not actual internet connection. 


did anyone tell me to expect the engineer? no. did EE even schedule with me to arrange a time for me to be home? no. if they HAD, I would have gotten the morning off work, but no. they're crap no matter which way you look at it..


it's actually completely unacceptable. hope you get some help soon. 

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