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EE ruined my credit score

 I ordered a Broadband service from EE on 16 August 2017, the reason I chose EE  is because I am not prepared to enter credit agreements and EE wwere offering the opportunity to pay for their 18 month Broadband agreement in advance. Having paid for the whole term upfront, imagine my surprise when yesterday I was informed by 'Clearscore' that my credit rating had gone down by 32 points, the reason why is clearly explained in the following  - Score history: What changed in August 2017 •Hard search performed by ORANGE PCS LTD for CREDIT_APPLICATION??? As a result of the above I immediately cancelled my contract with EE but would like to know if they are prepared to retrun my credit satus to where it was prior to my involvement with them. Can you please advise if that is likely happen.

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Re: EE ruined my credit score

Hi @bobpep


I'm afraid that any contract you take out whether you've paid upfront or not will do a check credit check on you.   


The search will not affect your credit record and your score will improve after a month or two.   The only time your credit score will be affected is if you miss a payment. 



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Re: EE ruined my credit score

Those 'scores' you see on various credit checking websites should be taken with a pinch of salt as a) each of the check checking websites will give you a totally different score and they all use a totally different scoring system, and b) when you apply for any credit that company will use their own scoring system anyway.


Also all those free credit score websites only take a snapshot of your credit rating once every month and it's usually a month behind as well.


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Re: EE ruined my credit score

Hi and welcome to the community @bobpep


All of our pay monthly connections are subject to a credit check to make sure you are eligible for the agreement.


If you are not happy with the way this has been handled please do see our ways to complain.


Many thanks,



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Re: EE ruined my credit score

Even if you pay 1 year upfront, the contract is ongoing beyond that & you may incur out-of-allowance call charges in the future, so it is still a credit agreement.


All EE did was a search. They cannot be responsible for its feedback on this credit scoring agency, not 1 of the leading ones.

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