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by EE Community Team
EE Community Team

EE partners with Internet Matters - Our top tips to keep your kids safe online

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Internet Matters, the online safety experts helping to keep kids safe in the digital world.
Our research shows that 35% of parents plan to give family members gifts including smartphones or tablets this year. Many parents discuss online safety with their children, but a staggering 40% do not consider online safety when making purchases, and 25% have never used parental controls. 
So, if your shopping list includes some fab new tech, then read on to find out our top tips on how to keep your kids safe.


Our top tips:

1. Check the basic safety settings are in place and active e.g. location settings and the app store permissions
2. Keep an eye on their apps - make sure they are age appropriate and that you’ve turned on privacy settings
3. Switch on Google ‘Safe Search’ and YouTube’s ‘Restricted Mode’ to help filter inappropriate content
4. Check they’re connected safely - set parental controls on your broadband and apply a content lock on their mobile network.


All EE phones are automatically set to moderate – but we’ve also got ‘child mode’, one of the most comprehensive content locks in the UK. Child mode is designed for parents to activate on devices that they give to their kids. Parents can set this by texting ‘strict’ to 879.
5. Ensure your children know the rules:


• Always keep your phone safe and secured
• Don’t answer calls from numbers you don’t recognise
• Don’t give your number to strangers
• Never share personal information online
• Never send pictures to people you don’t know
6. Stay engaged – have regular conversations with your kids about how they spend their time online
If you need a helping hand remembering our top tips, we’ve printed these on the inside of some festive wrapping paper that we’re giving away in 200 of our stores across the country. So, if you’re passing by, pop into your local EE store to see if they are participating.
Find out more about our partnership with Internet Matters and how you can keep your kids safe online.
If you have any other helpful tips, tap reply below and let us know.






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