by NickH16 Established Contributor
Established Contributor

EE 4G speeds vs home WiFi

Quite interesting after doing some speed tests just now 


EE 4G on my iPhone x

73MB download 

46.5MB upload 


infinity 2 BT broadband 

41MB download 

14.3 upload 


EE 4G iPad Pro 10.5

56MB download 

46MB upload 


Infinity 2 BT Broadband 

43MB download 

14.3 MB upload 


quite interesting really. I’m tempted just to use my data on my phone at home. I have 20GB of data on my iPad Pro so likely will stick with WiFi for that as got rather low last month.


just shows how impressive the EE speeds are 


it’s even better on my x at work where I get 100MB speeds 

EE Employee

Re: EE 4G speeds vs home WiFi

Brilliant results there @NickH16


Many thanks,



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