by jessicaaa53

Does EE Broadband Support VPN

In my new role, i am requried to work from home using a VPN. I have logged my IP address with the IT team and yet i cannot connect.


The error message states the following


Remote Desktop cant connect to the remote computer for one of these reasons:

1) remote access to the server is not enabled

2) the remote computer is not available on the network


I have used the VPN on another internet provider and it seems to work but i am having real issues with connecting to EE.


Unfortunatley i am unable to download a network sheild.


Does anyone else have any surgestions?


Thank you in advance.

EE Employee

Re: Does EE Broadband Support VPN

Good Afternoon @jessicaaa53


Welcome to the Community! Smiley Happy


Have you spoken to your IT support at work?


Does your laptop/computer pick up the EE Broadband OK?


Thanks - Karen. Smiley Happy

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