by whyborn84
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Delivery reports & Video Calling



Just recently switched from iPhone to Samsung S7 Edge.


I was wondering do EE charge for delivery reports for texts?


Also do EE support video calling on the S7 Edge, I have the option to video call but says not registered on network?

by Sturgski Contributor

Re: Delivery reports & Video Calling


I have never been charged for delivery reports, as for the video calling I use whatsapp as it will use your data instead of being charged.

by Brilliant Contributor
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Re: Delivery reports & Video Calling

I know when I was with Orange, I always got charged, and I believe EE used to charge for delivery on EE, but have also noticed, that it does not happen anymore.

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Re: Delivery reports & Video Calling

Hi @whyborn84 and welcome to the Community.


Delivery reports are non chargeable and we do not support video calling via the network.


Hope this helps,



by Skilled Contributor
Skilled Contributor

Re: Delivery reports & Video Calling

Just to expand on @Lee_H's answer re: video calls, after a short fad back in 2003 when Three first introduced 3G with video calling to the UK and other networks followed, it oddly went out of fashion quite quickly.


The weird thing about it is that back then, Three and O2 (not sure about the rest) used to include video calls in your monthly minutes allowance, so it was free to video call... but people shunned it, only to rediscover it when smartphones came about, through Skype, WhatsApp and their various permutations.


EE doesn't support video calls natively, but even if it did, it would probably charge a hefty amount per minute to use them (like networks that do support them do) which would make it pointless.


I don't know if 4G Video Calling is perhaps a future step for VoLTE (it wouldn't be too difficult to add video calls to the 4G IMS I'd say), but would people use it? With the advent of video calling apps, it doesn't seem likely.

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