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Deezer deal?

I have just signed up to the Deezer deal and noticed that under Deezer settings it said account registered for 1 month. I didn't see anything about this on EE website. Is this a short term offer or is it for the duration of the EE contract? Also I pay £36pm and received text saying I was eligible for it but website says must have min £41pm contract. Anyone know the actual terms?

Re: Deezer deal?

Try this:


1 / Go to

2 / On the Welcome page hit "continue"

3 / If you already have an account log in with your account details. If you do not have a Deezer account please create one.

4 / If you are entering your details over wifi you will now need to enter your mobile number to receive your activation code by txt message.Enter your activation code and proceed to the confirmation page.
If you are entering your details over the EE network you will be sent directly to the confirmation page.

5 / Either launch the Deezer app. or click the link to download the app.

6 / Log in with your account details and "enjoy the music!! "




EE Employee

Re: Deezer deal?

Hello James


If you have chosen Deezer as your Inclusive Add-On, ths will remain on your account, free of charge, until you decide to remove it.






Re: Deezer deal?

After moving from orange to EE (being mis sold the contract!!!)  i found out I wouldnt get Deezer on my account (as well as having my data allowance reduced!!!)  THe support staff at EE were fantastic and sorted it all out and i had it set up as an addon.

I havent changed anything or removed it but my "trial period" has now ended and all i can listen to is 30 seconds of each song!!!


i have tried to re log on and followed all the advice but to no avail.

I am stuck in hospital( so cant spend hours on the phone sprting this out) and all i want to do is listen to my music on the wards.


please someone help me!

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Re: Deezer deal?

Use your browser and go to click on sign in or register. A pop up appears with activate my ee4gee. Box with ee colours! Click on that and follow your instructions. I had the same earlier this week as i have just moved from orange. All it does is renew your subscription with ee as opposed to orange which has now expired. Any probs post up and ill help out if i can.
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