by Abbanbury

Cannot call in the USA



Myself and my boyfriend are in the US and neither of us can call internationally or in the US, which is creating a few problems. 


We both have roaming turned on our accounts and phones, so cannot understand what the issue is. We've never had this with other providers.


EE- Please can you help asap? We've read other posts and the help pages but nothing seems to help us.


Thank you



by Ace Contributor
Ace Contributor

Re: Cannot call in the USA

@Abbanbury Are you connected to the network ok, and does data roaming work, or at least ask you to purchase an add on when you try and use it? Have you successfully used the sim anywhere when roaming before?


What error do you get when you try and dial out?


You might have to call EE, which if you use Skype and wifi, you can call for free on  +44 800 956 6000 but will probably have to wait till tomorrow morning I guess.

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Cannot call in the USA

@Abbanbury  As this is just a customer forum there is no account access from here.  But are you putting 44 or 0044 instead of a 0 at the start of the number?    Do you have a signal on the device ?  Have you restarted the device since you got there ? 

EE Community Support Team

Re: Cannot call in the USA

Morning @Abbanbury,


Thanks for coming here.


Can you make calls to the UK?


Can you send texts?


Also do you get an error message?


Thanks very much 🙂

by Abbanbury

Re: Cannot call in the USA

Hi all! 


Thanks so much for your help, we've restarted, checked and roaming data works, and is switched on, can text, but when he calls out it just does a short beep and the call ends... it's a google pixel.


thanks again



EE Employee

Re: Cannot call in the USA

Hi @Abbanbury


So I can try and help, please may I get you to perform a manual network search and choose a network other than what you are on.


Please also can I get you to try and dial a friend or family member using format of 00447*********, did this work?


Also, please let me know If you are using an EE personal or business account as I may be able to assist with our live chat service?


Many thanks,



by Ace Contributor
Ace Contributor

Re: Cannot call in the USA

Could an international call bar be active on the account?

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