by gpiggies4ever

Cannot add Data or ring 150

I've been trying since 11PM last night to add data to my phone. I now have no data and despite trying on both the EE app and on the website i just keep getting fault.


I tried to ring 150 first thing at 8am, i was on hold 45 minutes, noone answered. Now when i've tried to ring back it says the phone lines are closed.


I've also tried to order a wifi mini hub but my order has dissapeared and i have no idea if it has gone through.


Can someone please tell me what an earth is going on?!

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Re: Cannot add Data or ring 150

EE / T-Mobile / Orange seem to be having a number of issues this weekend as there are lots of services not working at the minute.

by Ace Contributor
Ace Contributor

Re: Cannot add Data or ring 150

Hi @gpiggies4ever


This issue is under investigation by the EE team. It has been widely reported via the Community this morning. 



by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Cannot add Data or ring 150

@gpiggies4ever   Not saying this will work but it’s worth a go.  Click THIS but turn WiFi off on the device as this has to be done over a cellular connection.  

by Unbelievable321 Investigator

Re: Cannot add Data or ring 150

What does THIS do when you click it 

EE Employee

Re: Cannot add Data or ring 150

Hi All, 


You should now be able to contact customer services or use the self service,


We did experience a technical issue impacting our ability to assist customers, we have fixed this and apologise for any inconvenience caused.


Many thanks,



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