by RedReaper

Can't access my account since app update

Ever since the app updated I can't access my account. I now have to login or register. But it doesn't matter which I try its a dead end. I've sat with a spinning disc telling me to wait... After about 5 minutes the disc just stops & nothing happens.  Everything I try ends in the page crashing or failing to load. My partner has the exact same problem. This is not a cookie problem. It's the same response on both phones, PC, laptop & multiple browsers. 

Why can't you just leave things alone. 

I now have to call customer services repeatedly until I get to speak to someone who speaks English without a heavy accent... And hopefully,  knows how to answer simple questions. 

Think I might register on a dodgy website for financial information & use EE's customer service number as my contact phone number. 

That's how annoyed I am. 

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Can't access my account since app update

@RedReaper  You need to ask EE customer services to reset your account.    



by RedReaper

Re: Can't access my account since app update

 Done that over an hour ago. Got the answer to my enquiry about upgrade date. Then they set up the email address for access to the account. 

And guess still doesn't work.  The confirmation email just goes to a blank page & still can't log in. 

It's also taken me over 5 minutes just to start typing this reply. Every time I trapped on the text box to bring up my keyboard, the page jumps to the legal crap at the bottom of the page and randomly opens a link. 

Someone really needs to read up on html before claiming to be a web designer. The EE website and app have to be in the running for being the worst bug ridden service ever made. 

EE Employee

Re: Can't access my account since app update

Good Morning @RedReaper


Sorry to hear you and your partner are having issues with My EE, I understand it must be frustrating.


We have had some changes and updates lately.


What running system are you using?


Have you spoken to our Tech Team at all? This i something they would be able to investigate for you.


Thanks - Karen. Smiley Happy



by tedfawx

Re: Can't access my account since app update

I have been facing the same issue since the app update!!!

What is the point of having a mobile app for EE if it has to open up a freaking Web View to the ee website for you to login and top up your account????


Please kindly revert to your previous update, EE! I do not want to login on a web view every time i want to top up.


Moreover, the "Processing" disc just keeps spinning and never stops after i key in my login details.


I am seriously considering switching to Three!


(On Android. Doesn't work on any of the Browsers!!)

EE Employee

Re: Can't access my account since app update

Hi @tedfawx and welcome to the Community 


We are working on fixes for a release in the next week or two to hopefully resolve issues that people are facing.


Many thanks,



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