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Can I cancel my iPhone order and do it in store?

Ordered iPhone 5S in Silver. Was advised it would be delivered on Monday but when speaking to an agent yesterday I was told that the order is still pending as they are out of stock and it could be another week. Quite odd as website says they are in stock.....but that's for a different thread.

Anyway, as my order is still "pending" could I cancel it and go in the store and get the iPhone from there (assuming they have stock). Just to clarify, this isn't an upgrade. I am an existing customer taking a second line. Not sure if this makes a difference or not. Also, are the store staff able to cancel my existing order or must I do this myself prior to going to the shop.

Thanks in advance for your help. I am finding this community to be a great source of knowledge - more so than 150.

Re: Can I cancel my iPhone order and do it in store?

Yes, you should be able to cancel an online order.  Though EE wont make it easy.  You need to speak to web sales.  They are the only people who can change/cancel online orders.  In typical EE fashion, EE are very reluctant to publish a direct telephone number for web sales so you have to go via telesales using the standard 0800 number from the website.


I had a similar issue with a dongle several months ago, ordered online,  EE screwed the order up (it was marked as abandoned when it shouldn't have been).  Spoke to EE sales who managed to change the status.  Dongle showed as been in stock online, which it wasn't.  Waited a couple of weeks and still nothing.  Called into my nearest EE store and picked up the very same dongle.  Cancelled the online order, EE first tried selling me a second line on my account.  Spoke to 3 agents, all said the order was canceled.  It actually wasn't.  EE Exec office ended up canceling the order for me.

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