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by TheAldominator

Broadband not working

Hey there.

Has anyone else been having problems with their EE Broadband? My internet has not been connecting for over a week not and I do not know what the problem is.

I have contacted Customer Services many times, only to be passed around department to department. At this point the CS Representities I've spoken to have all been unable to tell me why I haven't been able to connect to the Internet, and have been trying to con more money out of me, shouting down the phone at me when I've refused to pay them. Appalling customer service!

I just want my internet back! If anyone can give me advice to get this sorted ASAP then it'd be greatly appreciated. If not then I'll have no choice but to cancel my EE Broadband.

Alan McEwan.
by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Broadband not working

What does it say in the Internet section on the initial Status page of the BrightBox? Omit the Username. What lights are on/flashing on router?


Please post your full router stats. For a BrightBox: login and go to Advanced Settings/ System/ ADSL Status. Also post 'Time Connected:' from initial Status page. Full router stats are key to any speed & connection issues.


Does the phone work? Do you get a dial tone? Does it announce your correct no. when you dial 1470 17070?

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