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Broadband Offers Misleading



I was looking to take up EE Fibre broadband and have scoured the net for offers.


I found an offer that I wanted to take up, called up EE only to be told its for existing EE/Orange/T-Mobile customers. On the website that I found the offer it doesn't state anywhere that its only for existing customers.


One of the sites at fault is Quidco, of which EE must contribute a considerable amount to as they are a 'featured provider'.


I shall now be going elsewhere. Sort your misleading marketing out.


Re: Broadband Offers Misleading

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EE contribute nothing to Quidco.  Quidco works using the affiliate network which are a middle man between Quidco and the company you are buying from.


There's nothing EE (or any other company) can do when it comes to errors on the Quidco, other cashback or affiliate websites.  You need to take this matter up directly with Quidco.


Even if the offer is for existing EE mobile customers, could you not just get a free TM or Orange PAYG SIM and use that to say you are an existing customer?


All Quidco offers/cashbacks can only be done online as well so calling to order would not earn any cashback anyway.

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