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by Prodigious Contributor
Prodigious Contributor

Broadband Connection Problems

I've constantly had quite a poor broadband line but it was usable, but over the last 2 weeks, my line is virtually unsuable for streaming/gaming. I am constantly losing connection (Loss of Signal Defects), getting millions of FEC corrections, errors and errored seconds. My broadband speed has now been capped to 4539down and 440up no matter what NM I connect at. I've changed routers, filters and done the quiet line test and these are all fine. My router has been plugged into the BT Test socket for months now so it can't be to due with the wiring that I am responsible for.


Here are my router stats. the connection has been up for around 30 minutes but LOS Defects log is around 12 hours old.



This page shows information about your ADSL connection if applicable.

  Configured Current Line Status --- SHOWTIME Link Type --- Interleaved Path Operation Mode G992.5(ADSL2+) G992.5(ADSL2+) Data Rate Information
Stream Type Actual Data Rate Upstream 440 (Kbps.) Downstream 4539 (Kbps.)

Defect/Failure Indication
Operation Data Upstream Downstream

Noise Margin 31.5 dB 5.0 dB

Line Attenuation 21.6 dB 36.5 dB

Indicator Name Near End Indicator Far End Indicator

Output Power 12.9 dBm 0.0 dBm

Fast Path FEC Correction NA NA

Interleaved Path FEC Correction 4473020 0

Fast Path CRC Error NA NA

Interleaved Path CRC Error 7159 0

Loss of Signal Defect 25 0

Fast Path HEC Error STR NA NA

Interleaved Path HEC Error 84479 0

Error Seconds 1013 49

Received Cells 845543 Transmitted Cells 197098

by redwon2013

Re: Broadband Connection Problems

I didn't follow the data you quoted about the router as I'm not tech support but I've had a similar problem on 2 ISPs namely that my husband (who's a gamer though no tech either) is always complaining about his "ping "rate going through the roof at about 1AM or so every day. The previous ISP (Post Office) told us we had a "broadband loop" caused by 2 local pubs becoming wi-fi hotspots & us having an older line. We changed to EE and it's raised our connection speed quite drastically but it is still not good (only 2MB as opposed to the promised 4-8MB we pay for- before these pubs became hotspots we were getting @ 9.5MB at night on our line- & the deal only promised up to 40MB of web space! No speed listed!)However, our "ping" rate climbs from @ 36-45kbps to mostly 1050kbps (though it has been 10000kbps twice for a few seconds one night) for' 2hours every night ' 1AM or so. Does yours follow a similar pattern?
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