by Norika Investigator

Re: Apple Watch Series 3 - Data Issue

Hi @Leanne_T


Thank you for your reply, I am happy to say, its all resolved this morning after another call to EE and my call was transferred to apple team. Im all up and running now. 

In short: I had to give my watch details again, they added the plan to my account, had to  unpair turn all my devices off than back on again. I didn't even need to add the plan in the app, it came on automatically.

Than you all again for you help, input and advises!  It works great!


EE Community Support Team

Re: Apple Watch Series 3 - Data Issue

Fantastic news, @Norika


I'm glad you're all up and running. 🙂



by Bwlmog Established Contributor
Established Contributor

Re: Apple Watch Series 3 - Data Issue

Hopefully someone on here can help me. I bought my Apple Watch direct from Apple and set the data package up without issue through the app with EE.

However, I foolishly cancelled the tariff during the six months and on doing so realised how often I actually used the watch without my phone.

ive tried to set this back up through the app and keep getting a code 008 message which asks me to contact EE on 150. I’ve tried this and the only help I had was that i should call Apple as they will give me three months free. I’m not interested in free (can’t believe I’m saying that), all I want is the tariff placed back on my account and the watch reconnected.

can anyone on here help or suggest something as I seem to be getting nowhere.

thanks in advance

EE Community Support Team

Re: Apple Watch Series 3 - Data Issue

Hi @Bwlmog,


Welcome back to the Community.


Please get in touch with customer services so our technical team can help.


Thanks Smiley Happy



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