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Additional Line

 I am looking to take an additional line out today but my original line phone bill is due out on the 1st of next month (9days away)

How will the additionl line be charged as it is an £87.99/month line rental? will it be the whole amount or will this be pro rata? or will it be a seperate bill?

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Re: Additional Line

If you add another line to your existing account, it will be on the same bill every month and it it will pro-rata charged for the first month depending on when it starts.

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Re: Additional Line

@JJT1991  If you took it out today your bill will be generated as normal and you will have to pay from when your order is complete and the month ahead.  

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Re: Additional Line

Hi and welcome to the community @JJT1991


As mentioned above if you ordered today you would be charged from today till your billing date and then one month in advance.


Your billing date is normally 8 days before your direct debit due date, this can be confirmed via customer services.


Hope this helps.


Many thanks,



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