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4GEE Router with EE antenna (voice calls and data caps)

I live in a rural part of Worcestershire but according to the coverage map 4G should be possible so I am thinking of getting the 4GEE Router with EE antenna. However couple of questions:

1. Would this improve my mobile phone voice calls? Or would it only be if I was using VOIP?
2. Whilst the 200gb monthly limit is a good amount some of our devices (particularly the PS4) often will carry out updates that could easily eat up this amount. So regarding data cap:

i. is there any uncapped time (like after midnight)?
ii. are there any services which are excluded from the data cap (netflix, windows updates etc;)
iii. does the router allow you to schedule, throttle or cap specific devices e.g. the PS4 can only download at 100kbps etc;)

Many thanks.

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Ace Contributor

Re: 4GEE Router with EE antenna (voice calls and data caps)

Welcome to the EE Community

1. If you use WiFI calling on your phone connected to the 4GEE router then WiFi calls should sound very good.

2i. No

 ii. No

iii. No


The first two may change over time as certainly an unlimited 'off peak period' may be possible from a a network dimensioning point of view.

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Re: 4GEE Router with EE antenna (voice calls and data caps)

Hi @vilbs,


Thanks for joining the EE Community. Smiley Happy


I see you've already had a really comprehensive reply from @Peter_C - Thanks Peter!


You can find out more about the 4GEE Router here.


Don't hesitate to let us know if you have any other questions.



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