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4GEE Router / Roaming

Purchased the new 4GEE Router with 64GB Data. Roaming is enabled on data plan. Roaming is enabled on device. Click Connect on device web interface and immedietly pops up unsuccesful. I think its an issue with the device as I can put the sim in my phone and it works flawlessly.


Its one of the new type routers, the EE replacement for the tall square one.


Any ideas.


I noticed that the time is running about 2 mnths out of date. Setting NTP doesnt help as there is no internet connection. Cant see anywhere else to set the correct date and time.

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Re: 4GEE Router / Roaming

Where is it you are roaming as the home router may not have the compatible 4G bands?


I know none of the EE mini WiFi devices work in the USA for example on 4G because they don't support the right 4G/LTE bands.

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Re: 4GEE Router / Roaming

@nivenj wrote:

Roaming is enabled on data plan.

If you mean roaming is included in your plan, that is not enough. You need roaming enabled on your MyEE a/c. Phone CS to get it done.


Time won't be correct until you connect to the Net. That's where the NTP servers are.

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Re: 4GEE Router / Roaming

Home is UK, am currently in France. Bands are compatible.

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Re: 4GEE Router / Roaming

Im sure roaming is enabled on my account because, I can put the sim in my mobile phone whilst here and i can use my data and connect to internet fine, also, CS confirmed the last time i was here that its definetly enabled on my account. They are stumped, hence why im asking on here.

EE Community Support Team

Re: 4GEE Router / Roaming

Hi @nivenj,


Welcome to the EE Community.


I'm sorry to hear you are having problems getting online in France.


Please get in touch with customer services so our technical team can take another look at this for you.





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