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4GEE Extra Legacy and roaming

Evening all 🙂


I'm just wondering if anyone on the old Lagacy plans including USA, Turkey, etc

has any idea what's now included regards data roaming.


I'm wondering if there's any benefit switching to a Max Plan and is USA data.

I will be travelling to the states shortly so will i still need the expensive data add-on.



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Re: 4GEE Extra Legacy and roaming

@bollyboy  If you change to one of the new max plans you'll get the US included in this otherwise it will be at what you've got now.   The only difference now is all EE tariffs have EU calls/text/data. 


@Profile closed. Is the best chap to ask as he is/or was on one of these tariffs. 

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Re: 4GEE Extra Legacy and roaming

Hello @bollyboy


Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community. Smiley Happy


I used to be on a 2016 EE Extra Plan (only included EU minutes and text messages), but I have two legacy add-ons which are not compatible with the new Max Plans but they're compatible with EE Extra Plans.


I spoke with customer service because I found it unfair that a customer is expected to lose their legacy add-ons which would double my monthly cost by replacing them with current add-ons and the person I spoke with agreed, so she changed my price plan to a 2013 EE Extra Plan (includes the same countries as you) and I pay £4 or £5 (which may decrease with time) a day for data but I can keep my legacy add-ons which is a nice balance for me.


So to answer your question, it's down to person preference and circumstances.

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Re: 4GEE Extra Legacy and roaming

@bollyboy All the new Max plans include data now as well as calls and texts in 5 counties outside the EU, including the US.


The means no more extra roaming data add-ins or the £4 daily Travel Pass are needed when you roam in the US.


You can use up to 15Gb of data whilst roaming, however if your UK data allowance is lower than 15Gb, you can only use what UK data allowance you have left.

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