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4G & Data issues in Nottingham

4G & data issues in Nottingham, been terrible for the past few days.


Does anyone know the issue?


Spoke to EE and they've reset my network settings, it was ok for a very short while but now my phone is back on 3G and wont load anything on the browser.


Re: 4G & Data issues in Nottingham

This is happening in a lot of areas at the minute (same thing there as well where my data connection just stops several times a day and night), its basically happening because EE are upgrading masts but they are not upgrading their backhaul network to keep up with demand. As the masts are getting faster, more data is being pushed down EE's backhaul network pipes which cannot cope.

I've been told by EE that backhaul upgrades are several weeks behind the mast upgrades so there's often a few weeks of poor data connections in areas that have recently had 4G/3G mast upgrades.
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