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by hollymaymahoney Investigator

241 cinema / pizza – KNOWN PROBLEM

I have been an EE Broadband customer since January 04th. 


For my mobile services however, I am on o2.


I was assured when signing up that this wouldn't be a problem when claiming the 241 cinema / pizza code.


Every week now I have gone through the process of getting this code by texting Cinema to 60005. This costs me 35p each time. I get a reply saying:


'Sorry your number is not recogised as a 4GEE number. EE Broadbank customers send JOIN & your landline number to 60005'.


This is exactly what I do. I have tired it with and without spaces. Either way, I get this reply:


'Sorry, we do not recognise your landline. Please contact customer care on 0844 8738586'.


I have done this also, 3 weeks running. Each time I get the same reply – 'We are sorry, this is a known problem, we are trying to resolve this'.


I was also told to try the Orange App. I did this, still the same problem.


This morning I called the customer service centre, and (after the standard 15 minute wait listening to bad loud music) I explained the problem, again. Each time, they don't seem to know about this 'known problem'. I was transfered to a second advisor, and this time, I got cut off. 25 minutes on the phone, wasted.


A few times now they have credited me with two weeks free broadband, which is very nice of them, but only a token gesture. This equates to about £10, and if I was to go to the cinema and get a pizza every Wednesday, it would could me £28 (living in London is expensive!). If EE could sort this problem out, this would cut this by half.


I am absolutely appalled at this service. We went with EE specifically to get this offer. I was seduced by the sexy branding and the publicity of EE, and yet, when it comes to it, they just don't deliver.


Yours, sincerely,


Holly Mahoney

Former EE Community Manager

Re: 241 cinema / pizza – KNOWN PROBLEM

Hi hollymaymahoney


I'm looking into this now and will let you know what I can dig up.



by hollymaymahoney Investigator

Re: 241 cinema / pizza – KNOWN PROBLEM

Thank you so much Charlotte, I have written a letter of complaint so please do let me know if you find anything.


by hollymaymahoney Investigator

Re: 241 cinema / pizza – KNOWN PROBLEM

Hi Charlotte,


A month later and still no resolution. Please can you tell me where the matter has got to? I have recieved both emails and written letters from your team, each saying the details have been esculated to the relevant department, and yet still nothing has been done. 


Please let me know.





by lorettaB Investigator

Re: 241 cinema / pizza – KNOWN PROBLEM

It's the same problem for mobile EE Internet, four calls and a visit to shop with no resolution, yet was advertised as part of I pad mobile Internet! Very misleading advertising!
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