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carrier setting issue

I have an iPhone 5s which is showing as no service and asking for a carrier setting update. I have tried going to settings - about but it stills shows the carrier as unavailable.

I have also reset the network settings and taken sim out and replaced it back in but still unsuccessful. It connects fine to WIFI but that's about it.

Any help and suggestions would be great

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Re: carrier setting issue

You need a cellular connection (i.e. 2G/3G/4G) in order to download a carrier update via the handset and they come from the carrier (i.e. EE).


You *could* try connecting the iPhone to your PC/Mac and trying an iOS update download via iTunes but again in order to get a carrier file update from your carrier (EE in this case), you again will need a cellular connection so not sure if that will work or not?


Sounds like you may have a faulty SIM, try asking EE for a replacement SIM card.

by Skings81

Re: carrier setting issue

hi thanks for the reply. i have another phone on EE and tried swapping the sims to see if it works. Both sims work in one phone but not in the one i have the carrier issues with.

so it isnt the sim so i guess I have another issue.

i have tried connecting to itunes and clicked on check for update and i get a pop up box telling me i have the latest version.

so im still stuck 

EE Community Support Team

Re: carrier setting issue

Hi @Skings81


Welcome to the community.


It may be worth backing up all of your information and reset the phone to factory settings.


Let us know how you get on.



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