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Wi-fi calling draining battery

I've switched from Vodafone to EE and I'm facing a deal breaking problem with EE's implementation of WiFi calling on iPhone. 


With Vodafone, WiFi calling only activated with if the mobile signal was weak or absent.


With EE, WiFi calling is on all the time even when the mobile signal is strong. 


The WiFi calling always on state kills my battery - it doesn't last a whole day even with little actually usage.


When WiFi calling is off, I get three days of standby with the same level of active use.


I've reproduced this on three iPhones: 7 Plus, 7 and 6s.


Can a more measured carrier settings service be delivered so that battery killing WiFi calling is not always on? 


Currently, I've had to disable WiFi calling and other people I've advised to do the same have thanked me for the massive difference it's made to their battery longevity.

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Grand Master

Re: Wi-fi calling draining battery

@Retty  Wifi calling overrides cellular calls as it’s only to be used in low or no signal areas,  but what you can do to save battery power when using wifi calling is to put the device in to airplane mode.  

by Retty Investigator

Re: Wi-fi calling draining battery

Wi-fi calling on EE is not activated in a low signal area. 


It is active all the time there is a WiFi connection.


It is this behaviour that causes battery drain. 


With Vodafone, wi-fi calling is only active when there is low or no signal. 


I want wi-fi calling to activate only when there is no or low mobile signal. Otherwise, my battery life is shortened by 300 to 500 percent. 


EE doesn't allow me to do this. 


I want to raise this as feedback and a request.

EE Community Support Team

Re: Wi-fi calling draining battery

I will certainly feed this back to the team @Retty







by Besidethesea
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Re: Wi-fi calling draining battery

I will put wifi in aeroplane mode to see if this helps although it's always been on to date.

EE Community Support Team

Re: Wi-fi calling draining battery

Morning @Besidethesea


Thanks for posting.


What phone are you using?


Are you having problems with your battery life?


Thanks, Leanne.



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