by Paula14

When using earphones only get sound from 1 ear pod

Only sound from 1 ear pod on earphones. Tried other earphones and info online. 

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: When using earphones only get sound from 1 ear pod

@Paula14  If you get the same experience from other head phones than the device is a fault.  This could come down to a few things.


have you tried cleaning out the port the head phone plug in to ?  turn the device off and use a pin to very carefully clean the port out ? you might find a build up of fluff and dust in there. 


on the device go to Settings>General>Accessibility and scroll down.   You’ll get to a part that allows you to change the sound from left to right make sure in directly in the middle.  


You are are pushing the plug all the way in to the port ?  If you believe you are as it will not go any further then it could be what I’ve said about a build up of dust in the port.  

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