Can you explain please, I upgraded to a new iPhone and the plan was going to cost me £84 a month, on the first bill vat is being charged on the £84 the cost of the plan and the phone total £90.16 which makes Which makes me think it would be cheaper for me to buy the phone from apple at £49 a month and have a SIM card from EE £34 which then the vat would only be charged on the £34 a month for calls etc. 

Please can you confirm you are charging vat on on the cost of the phone as well as the plan. 

by Ace Contributor
Ace Contributor

Re: Vat

Hi @Corinne99  price plans are inclusive of VAT. What you May be seeing is part charges if you’ve just upgraded. This produces a slightly higher first bill on your first month depending when you upgraded in your billing period. X

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