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Upgrade Nightmare

Hey all,


So I'm 9 months into my contract with no missed payments whatsoever with EE, however I have tried multiple times to upgrade my contract with no success. Apparently this is due to my credit rating, which makes no sense as I have not had any payment issues with EE, and all my payments have always been up-to-date and on time. I am also aware that no credit check is carried out when upgrading, so what could possibly be the issue?


It's very annoying as I took out this contract with the intention to upgrade due to my lack of credit history and after all this time I cannot even do anything.


Would appreciate any help or advice.

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Grand Master

Re: Upgrade Nightmare



There is no advice other than to try another carrier.


EE have their own credit terms and assuming you want maybe some top of the range handset then why would then not check to see if you would meet their credit criteria, customer or not. EE are acting responsibility by ensuring you can meet the commitment.


Sorry that is just how it is.

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Re: Upgrade Nightmare

Hi @shambeyo87 and welcome to the community.


Are you trying to upgrade from a SIM, only to a full length contract with a handset?


Some upgrades are required for your account to be in a good credit status, our customer services team will be able to advise on this.


If you are not happy in how this has been handled please do see our ways to complain.


Many thanks,



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Re: Upgrade Nightmare

@Lee_HI am trying to upgrade to a full contract with a phone.


So I'm guessing this contract, like you said, needs me to be in a good credit standing?

This would make sense as to my lack of success as my credit has been the worse for wear lately so obviously bad /no credit=no contract.


However I have a few questions.

By 'credit standing' do you mean my credit with EE or my credit in general?

Also, after talking to CS I'm being told that credit checks are indeed carried out for upgrades. Is this true? I had thought EE just take into account your payment history with them.

Also, my credit history isn't particularly long ( I've been in the UK for a year) so is it possible to refuse an upgrade because of not enough history?


Many thanks for your help in advance.

by Brilliant Contributor
Brilliant Contributor

Re: Upgrade Nightmare

By credit standard it means your credit in general and not just with EE.

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Re: Upgrade Nightmare

Hi @shambeyo87


We have to carry out a credit check every time one of our customers wants to sign up for a pay monthly phone plan.


If you are upgrading from a SIM only plan to a phone contract, this would require you passing a credit check.




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