by Steve_in_London

Sending Group imessages? Option not available?






I am trying to find out why a funtion is not available on my Iphone however is available on my American freinds Iphone,


In messeges setting of the iphone under the SMS/MMS there is option to use Group Messaging which works in same way as a Whatsapp group.  Is this a network specific feature as I have checked other UK Iphones and feature is not there?


USA IPhone


 New USA Group Messaging.jpg



UK IPhone same settings area but no Group messsaging.


UK Phone.jpg

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Sending Group imessages? Option not available?

@Steve_in_London   If you wanna send a group iMessages  just keep adding the peoples names in the address bar.    If any receivers are not using iMessage it will automatically convert it to a SMS message and if you go over and I believe 4 receivers it will convert it to a MMS and you’ll be charged for that.  


And that setting on your friends phone is a network specific setting but it doesn’t stop you from sending group messages.  

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