by lyndaa54

SIM Only Contract with Apple Watch

I currently have an EE contract for my phone which I pay £17.99 a month for and a rolling contract with EE for my Apple watch cellular data for £5 a month.
Does anybody have any experience or know if you can have the watch contract with EE for £5 still and change the phone contract to Plusnet sim which uses the EE network for £7 a month? Will this work or am I stuck with no options with EE direct? Any help gratefully received

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: SIM Only Contract with Apple Watch

@lyndaa54  It will only work with a EE contract as the Watch has to be linked to a EE iPhone contract.  

by lyndaa54

Re: SIM Only Contract with Apple Watch

Thank you, I thought this might be the case. It's a shame EE's contracts aren't a bit more competitively priced like their competitors.

EE Community Support Team

Re: SIM Only Contract with Apple Watch

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I can confirm @Chris_B is right.


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