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Preparing for your new iPhone: What you need to do

If you have or you've ordered your new iPhone, it’s time to start getting ready (and getting excited!). Here’s everything you need to do to make the switch to a new phone as smooth as possible.


If you haven’t ordered yet, what are you waiting for? order the new iPhone on EE now



How do I back up my contacts?


Keeping your contacts is essential – how else are you going to text people to share that you have a swanky new iPhone?


If you’ve already got an iPhone, the easiest way to keep your contacts is to back them up via iCloud. Then once you’ve got your new iPhone just select ‘Restore from iCloud Backup’ during the setup process to get all your contacts where they should be.


If you’re on an Android or Windows phone, the easiest way is to back up your contacts to a Gmail or Outlook account. Then once you’ve set up your new iPhone, you can import your contacts from that account.


Find out more about transferring your contacts



I want to keep my current phone number


If you’re already an EE customer


All you need to do is insert your new SIM card. We’ll make sure it has the right number from the get-go.



If you’re new to EE


You’ll need a PAC code from your current network. Once you’ve got your new phone just tell us your PAC code via our online form and we’ll switch your number across. You can also do this by calling 150 from your new EE mobile.


Find out more about keeping your number



How do I transfer my photos and music to my new phone? 


If you’re on an iPhone, simply back up all those special memories to the iCloud just like you would with your contacts. Then you can restore them once you get your new phone.


For the likes of Android, it’s easiest to transfer your photos and music to a laptop and then on to your new iPhone.


There are cloud storage apps like Dropbox that you can use – although uploading to these can take a while, especially if you’ve got a lot of stuff.



iOS 11 makes getting set up even easier


One of the great new features of iOS 11 is the automatic set up. Its as simple as holding your IPhone, well holding it next to another one.


Once you've chosen your country and language your new iPhone will ask you to bring another iOS device close. There are a few more small steps but thats pretty much it to get the basics like settings and phone numbers moved over and set up.



These are just some of the essential things you can do to prepare for your new iPhone – let us know in the comments below how you’re preparing.



Don’t forget to read our handy guide on what to do with your old phone.

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Re: Preparing for your new iPhone: What you need to do

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