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Positive Feedback



Can you advise where I could find a form to fill in for positive feedback for 2 members of staff.


We are all quick to complain about things but I feel I have a duty to provide feedback for 2 individuals who have restored my faith in EE and should be recgonised for doing just that.


2 assests to the company Phil Hall - Team Leader and Thomas Pilkington Customer Service Rep.


Long story short - 

Phil Hall TM Darlington:

Phil was on his day off and took time out to show great ownership on my case.  Without this gesture I might have decided on a different outcome, Phil showed he must always put the customer first and takes pride in his work.  To do this on 2 seperate occasions shows he was dedicated and EE should 100% recgonise people who do this type of work - Customers are quick to complain but not so quick to provide thanks.  Personally id like to ensure some for of recgonition gets to Phil via his seniors for all his help on my case.


Thomas Pilkington Customer Service Rep:

As with the above the ownership shown by Thomas was one of the reasons that my faith was restored during a recent experience when upgrading with EE.  Tomas showed genuine care and interest in my plight and I felt from the start he understood my frustrations and done all in his power to help.  Without people like Thomas EE could have lost a customer and I gebuinly hope the feedback gets passed to him via his manager.  Sometime companies take assets like these for granted.  Stood up and was counted when it matter, i.e. my trust in the comapny was almost gone.  The care and attention taken during our 1 hour call turned that around.  This seemed to come natural to this person.


I truly appreciate the efforts taken but both individuals above and hope you can provide me with a mechanism to allow positive feedback to be given to them.


Further details on the above encounters can be provided, if needed.


Any help with this would be appreciated 

EE Community Support Team

Re: Positive Feedback

Good Evening @amo4


Thank you very much for sharing your feedback and experience.


Thanks surprise.png


I have found them both this evening and passed on your feedback.


For sharing this I would like to send you a prize and have sent you a private message to get some details.


Thanks again and have a lovely Evening 🙂

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