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No service for two days now

Hi I've had no service(can't make or receive calls,send texts other than via iMessage but still have Internet/email etc)for two days or more now.
I've tried all the obvious things,I have an iPhone 5c and recently updated to iOS 9 I think?!.
I can't phone ee for obvious reasons,they don't have an email contact?
Basically I'm stuck,has this happened to anybody before?,I'm expecting an upgrade from them-supposed to be delivered yesterday?!but no sign as yet.
To say I'm not happy is an understatement.
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Re: No service for two days now

I think you'll find because you upgraded your sim has been deactivated and the new sim that will come with your new device is activated.  


When you say iMessage and Internet/ emails still work is this on wifi ? Because they will this has nothing todo with your SIM card.



you could try a network reset on the device but I don't think this will be the fix because of he upgrade and what I've said above. 


To try this go to Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings.   Your device will reboot and you will need to re-enter your wifi passwords after this. 

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Re: No service for two days now

I have got same problem for two days. I'm not happy but can't do anything
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Re: No service for two days now

Have you done what I've put above? Are others with you having this issue on EE have you tried your SIM card in a different device?
Have you Tried a different SIM card in your device?

Have you used this
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