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Issues with new Apple Watch and a data plan

I purchased a new Apple Watch 4 with cellular from Apple. I have paired the watch successfully with my iPhone, but whenever I try and set up data, I get a server time out. 


I have ensured that that I set it up using 4G and have paired it a couple of times now, setting it up as a new watch. 


I have done online chat and also spoken to 150, no answer and I just get passed from pillar to post! 


Annoyingly if I am on WiFi, I get the EE login page, but obviously no data plans, turn WiFi off and it just won’t connect even with a decent signal!


Any help would be appreciated! 

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Re: Issues with new Apple Watch and a data plan

Hi @vickitots


Welcome to the community. 🙂


Does your iPhone pick up a good 4G connection in the area in which you're trying to set up your Apple Watch Series 4?



by vickietots

Re: Issues with new Apple Watch and a data plan



My phone is showing 3 out of 4 bars for 4G, so there should have been no reason for it not to work.


I did end up going through on WiFi (accidentally, as I was turning it on and off so much whilst doing the watch as a new setup).  This added 1GB to my main account as I added a 2nd line, but in the MyEE app, there is no data allowance showing against the watch. I believe I get 10GB of data on the watch and it uses the minutes and text from my main phone account? 


Should I see no details in the MyEE app? 

by Ace Contributor
Ace Contributor

Re: Issues with new Apple Watch and a data plan

When there is an active plan, on the watch, it should show up in the My EE app.

I'll provide some screenshots below, explaining how to see it.


1: Once in the app touch the three horizontal lines at the top left of the app.





2: On the left handside of the app, touch the little V symbol. If you don't see the little V symbol, it means that there is only one plan on your EE account.





3: You should now be able to see the Apple Watch data plan, if there is one active on your account.



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