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Iphone se constantly shutting down

Morning all Smiley Happy


I have been using an iphone se for just over a year now and apart from a few slight glitches I have been very happy with it. However, since the ios11 update I have been suffering continual problems with this phone.


I updated to ios11 quite late, having been seriously ill on the run up to Christmas and since then I have been plagued by the phone either crashing to a black screen and having to wait for the phone to reset itself, which can take anything from 5 minutes to over an hour, or, the phone goes to the white screen with the black apple logo on it, as it would if you carried out a hard reset, but then starts a looping process where the white screen gets either multi-coloured vertical fuzzy stripes across it or horizontal black blocks. Again, it can stay in this mode for 5 minutes or so or continue for what seems forever.


Unfortunately, the phone seems to do this sporadically. A week ago today I took it to my local EE store and it was fine, yet during the last week I have been unable to use my phone for the majority of the time. The phone goes "mental" regardless of whether I am emailing, texting, making calls or using the internet. I'm not a heavy user, no games or long periods online for me, but when it goes wrong, it stays wrong for a significant time and is proving to be very frustrating.


I have had great trouble ensuring that the phone is updated to the latest version of ios11 - 11.2.5, as every time I tried to update it it would return to the white screen with the black Apple logo and the multi-colured lines or shut down altogether, but finally managed to update on tuesday, doing a factory reset, before backing up my phone from iTunes and the problem appeared to have been resolved. That was certainly the case for 24 hours, however yesterday evening the same problems manifested themselves once again. This time I did a full factory reset and then manually set the phone, but within 20 minutes of using the phone the same issues appeared again.


What concerns me greatly is that this phone is now 3 months outside of its one year warranty and I have still got another 9 months of payments to make at approx. £30/month. The only Apple service costs I can find are at £255 for non screen repairs plus an additional £8 for postage back, which is basically what I will have to pay EE anyway over the next 9 months.


Okay, questions.


1. Is this a problem that anyone else has had and have they been able to fix it themselves?


2. If it is not fixable are the prices that are on the Apple support site the going rate for all repairs?


3. Would you pay to have the phone repaired if that was the only solution when you still have 9 months of payments to make to EE, or would you just go and order a new phone and save yourself the hassle.


It seems quite amazing that this problem has only happened within 6 weeks of the phone being outside of warranty and through an Apple update! This was my first Apple product and more than likely my last one too.


Not impressed!


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance.





EE Community Support Team

Re: Iphone se constantly shutting down

Hi @Bullittboy


Thank you for posting in our community 🙂


I'm sorry to hear that you were poorly coming up to Christmas and I hope you are feeling better.


It looks like you've tried every piece of troubleshooting I would have suggested.


Have you spoken to our technical team at all?


That would be the next thing I would advise, please let me know how you get on.







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