by kdunleavy

Iphone 8 Plus

I purchased a second hand IPhone 8 Plus from a guy in Wales only to find when i got home it was locked to EE.


I was told i had to wait 6 months to unlock the phone 


6 month on ive contacted EE and they have advised there is a unpaid bill on the acount and until its paid they cant unlock the phone. Ive tried contacting the seller but with no success i asked how much the bill was but EE will not say for data protection purposes. So even if the bill is 1.50 it will stop me unlcoking the phone.


Does anyone have any advice on what i can do 

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Iphone 8 Plus

@kdunleavy  Until the bill is settled by the original owner the It will remain locked.   The original owner has defaulted on their payments for this device and EE are within their right not to unlock the device for you.      


You’ll probably find the device is also blacklisted and EE will not remove that for you at all.  



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