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How long for iPhone x (on awaiting confirmation)



i ordered my iphone on the 31st (64gb space grey). I received confirmation and both the numerical and the mixed confirmation codes but it’s still not updated from “awaiting confirmation”. 


How long can i an I roughly expect this to take?

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Re: How long for iPhone x (on awaiting confirmation)

@woodslice   You can try calling customer services to see if this can actually speed things up along but fortunately there is no guarantee that you get the device any sooner as the space grey is the most popular colour way and EE are waiting on Apple to ship them more devices so EE can send them out, EE are receiving devices every day but unfortunately  other people are in front of you in the queue.  

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Re: How long for iPhone x (on awaiting confirmation)

Hi @woodslice


Good morning 🙂


Here is some information from a post earlier in this topic.


Hi everyone,


Just wanted to do a quick post to hopefully give you a bit more info.


The XKN reference is to confirm that we have received your order. As long as everything is filled in correctly and we have all the details we need, your order will be completed in a matter of minutes.


Sometimes there are things that mean someone has to go into your order and make changes or check details.  There are many reasons this might happen ranging from credit history to typos.


The reference number starting 0000 means we have your order, everything has been processed and as soon as we have a phone we will send it to you.


We will update the order tracker with the latest information we have about your delivery.


If you cant find or have forgotten your reference number you'll find it in the My EE app under "Whats New".


If you do not have a reference starting 0000 in the app give us a call on 150. 


DPD will text you by 8pm the day before your delivery is due.


I bet you can't wait for iPhone X



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