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How I can stop my extra add-on

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Re: How I can stop my extra add-on

Good Morning @Cristina31


Thanks for coming to the community. 


What add-on do you wish to remove?


You can remove certain add-ons by following these steps:


Log in to your My EE > Menu > Plan & add-ons 


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Re: How I can stop my extra add-on

You can remove an add-on in a few ways:


You can go to My EE and then go to the Plan, add-ons & swappables section, that is down the left hand side of the webpage.


If you have the My EE app installed on your iPhone, you can remove add-ons with that by touching the three horizontal lines that are at the top left of the My EE app, and then choosing from the section that gets revealed "Plan & add-ons". Then on the next screen touch Add-ons (which is towards the top of the screen). From there you will see the add-ons that can be removed and also the add-ons that cannot (fixes add-ons).


Touch one of the removable add-ons, and you will then see at the bottom of the screen, the remove add-on option.


Or alternatively you can call 150 and follow the instructions.

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