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Get the most from Apple Music with these hints and tips

EE pay monthly phone customers get 6 free months of Apple Music, including the data you use on it. Here’s how you can get it and make the most of it.


The great news is that Apple Music works on both iPhones and Android phones.


To get it free for six months, text MUSIC to 150 and you’ll receive a text with a link to get you started.



Setting up on iPhone


You should already have the Apple Music app on your phone (if not you can find it in the App Store) and you should have an Apple ID if you’ve used the App Store before. The app will open automatically once you’ve selected the link in the text.

Once you’re inside the Apple Music app, you’ll have to confirm you want to link your Apple ID to your Apple Music membership with EE. Then you can start using Apple Music.



Setting up on Android


If you’re on Android, you’ll need to download the app from the Play Store and set up an Apple ID. Once you’ve selected the link in the text, it’ll ask you how you want to download the app – choose Play Store. Then download the app to your phone.

Then you’ll set up your Apple ID actually inside the app by following all the instructions. These only take a minute or two but you have to follow them all to set up Apple Music.

Once you’re set up, you can start listening to the 40 million+ tracks, radio stations and more.



Getting the most from Apple Music


All your music lives in your Library – and you can find it right away using the Search function.



My Playlists: You can create, name and add cover art to your own personal playlists. You can share them too.



Downloading to listen when you’re offline: Once you have a song or album in your library, you can download it. When you’re in a song or an album, tap the three-dot button to see more options, and select the download button. Or you can set the app to download every time you add music to your library.



For you: Based on what you say you like, what you listen to and what you own, Apple Music suggests new music it thinks you’ll enjoy. Click the Love and Dislike buttons on any tracks you listen to so Apple can build a picture of your music tastes.



New: This lets you explore this week’s newest tracks, videos and playlists selected by Apple Music editors. 



Radio: Apple Music radio stations are curated by artists and music experts - or you can start your own. 



Connect: This feature lets you follow your favourite artists to get an inside look at their world and share it with friends.



More help


If you’re still struggling or need more help and support there’s a full Apple Music Help section on the EE website for you to try. 


And the Apple website has its own Help section too. 


If you're having issues with verification, we have a useful article right here in the EE Community with everything you need to know. 


But we're here to help as well! Just tap reply below with any questions.

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