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Re: eSIM purchase

Good Morning @wash73


Thanks for coming to the community. 


Do you currently have a pay monthly account with EE?


If you do and wish to have an eSIM you will need to visit an EE Store or get in touch with our customer care team,our customer care team will be able to send this to the UK billing address on your account. 


You must also comply with the EE fair use policy which includes you being a permanent resident in, or having a stable link to, the UK. We will consider you to have a stable link to the UK if, during any four month period, you:


• spend a total of two months or more within the UK; or


• mainly use your inclusive voice, text or data usage allowances in the UK, rather than while you are roaming.


I hope this helps, 


Katie 🙂

by wash73

Re: eSIM purchase

Hi Katie


Thanks for the swift response. I'm not currently an EE customer. I don't mind purchasing obviously, I just need a UK eSIM for ease of banking whilst abroad. I can comply with the policies you mention.


Is it possible to just purchase an eSIM? If not, what's the lowest pay-monthly contract as I'll hardly ever need to use it.



EE Community Support Team

Re: eSIM purchase

Hi @wash73


Thanks for getting back to me. 


eSIM is currently only available to pay monthly customers. You can however see a list of our pay monthly SIMs here


Will you be able to collect your SIM from a UK Store or have this delivered to a UK address? we are unable to post SIMs abroad. 


Speak soon, 


Katie 🙂

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